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Change Your Furnace Filter (HVAC Filter)

The furnace filter is probably the most cost-effective maintenance item you will ever come across.

A quality filter can help trap dust, bacteria and other harmful elements in the air. Some of the newer filters can even claim effective ratings down to about less than 1 micron*. For greater efficiency yet, check into electronic filter add-ons.

Normally, when to change the filter depends on your own particular circumstances, including interior smoke and pet dander, and exterior weather conditions like dust drift due to extended periods of dryness, a concentrated pollen count, spores and more. Though it should be changed at least 3 times a year. Consult you manual for the maintenance interval recommended.

Remember, it’s always wise to change filters both during and after construction, and after the final cleaning. Especially if the finishing of drywall is being performed. (mainly sanding).

To change the filter; the power should be turned off. The new disposable filter slides in a paneled slot in the return duct, with the arrow indicating airflow pointing in the right direction.

* For additional information see ASHRAE – the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers in reference to MERV – the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (established by ASHRAE to help in the evaluation of air filters).

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