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Project Drywall Finishing Tips

Among the last to come in on projects; the finishing of drywall is one of the challenging of trades in which to maintain quality. You'll want to decide where screws are driven and where nails go, on texture matches, and containing the dust from sanding. All have their sequence in the project schedule. After the hanging is complete, and neat, organize the wallboard phase:

Screws offer greater holding power. Out of routine, many drywall hangers drive hanger nails to fix sheets onto ceilings, some on wall surfaces to first hold the drywall in place. Tip: but since moisture in the framing pushes nails back quicker than screws, see if screws can be used to avoid nail pops. Preferable deeper and coarse-threaded screws. This will help maintain the completed surface over a period of time.

If the end finish needs to match or blend with a texture such as for an addition or remodel, use a test sheet before applying to get a knockdown, hopper gun or troweled-on texture. You may want to let dry in order to gauge the finished match with the mud thinning and any adjustments. Tip: if possible, set the humidity level, to ensure the drywall texture settles as wanted. Drying in air that is too-moist can cause excessive sagging.

Plan all the way through to the end finish. This will help achieve a greater undectable underfinish for the glossier the paint sheen, or, if it is to be wallpapered. Put a light across the surface of broad areas, as in foyers, and this can be revealing. Here, consider a flatter appearance for an option. The more flat or non-reflective the finish, the less any irregularites are noticeble.

The last phase of sanding off to a finish level, means the creation of dust which can be a big consideration for occupied homeowners or tenants.
For containing dust when sanding; choices include wet sanding for limited areas, erecting a wall curtain to prevent passage through isolated sections, and vacuum-attached sanders for on-the-spot control.

Some of the newer joint compounds and topping compounds may make claims that their dust offers lesser drift, but experiment for yourself. Be prepared that although precautions can be taken, so-light-of-dust as from drywall mud, does have a way to make it's way to other areas. So a final cleanup may include other rooms. It may too be a good idea to change your hvac filter after cleanup.

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