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Installing Drywall Corner Bead

There are two main types of beads for corners; pre-taped and metal. The strictly metal type tends to be less expensive and yet is for outer corners only. While the pre-taped, allows for some adjustment right after the bead is installed, and is designed for straight right angle corners (both inside and outside). The outer metal bead can go on corners of 90 degree only. Old School drywallers almost always opt for metal.

For pre-taped corners (outer and inner): broad knife mud onto the open seam with a mix of the right consistency. You will want to have the corners measured out and cut with snips, set aside, and prepared to put up before mudding. If there is a burr from cutting this should be moved toward the unexposed backside with a gentle turn of the pliers.

At the mid wall joint, overlap the corner paper with normal paper tape. There should be no overlapping at the ceiling-to-corner joint.

For metal corners (outer only): tack on pre-cut strips with their lengths based on ceiling height. Be aware of the tightness of the metal corner onto the wall surface. Too loose, can mean a cracking apart of the mud. Too tight, can bow the bead. The metal band should be flush onto the gypsum. Apply the mud on one side, filling the void, and then leveling continuously with your broad knife before proceeding. Don't be concerned about buildup on the outer edge as this is easily removed when dry.
For inside corner (greater or less than a right angle): check into the option of the flex bead from your local drywall outlet or distributor. The rigid bead helps maintain straightness. Or apply regular paper tape but this is not as near as easy a task.

Use a broader knife on these joints to straighten over the distance. An extra coat or two of mud can go a ways toward straightening.

Order of Applying Beads:

Many drywallers find success with the principle of starting high and working down. Paper normally on top of metal. Other than that, find out by experimenting; you will find that the stages go smoother and smoother with each trial.

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