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How Much Does Drywall Cost Estimate

Delivery of Drywall To Jobsite Numerous elements factor in costing out a drywall project (known as gypsum, wallboard or simply ‘board’).

Materials: The basic run of materials that it takes for drywall are screws & nails, bedding mud, about $12 to $15 per 4 1/2 gal pail (covering approximately 500 sq ft of joints) and corner beads (about $3.00 to $3.50 for pre-taped inside or outside 8’ beads, and about $2.00 for straight metal corners - see how to install corners) and topping compound.

Coverages & Areas: The bathroom and other moisture prone areas may take moisture resistant green-board – or purple-board, depending on manufacturer. Limited, refined areas get smaller drywall sizes while ceilings especially are apt to receive larger sheets of sheetrock – with the larger dimensions affording less seams, and so providing a better appearance with a little better pricing. Wall height too, contributes to determining not only drywall dimensions, but gaining ceiling access for taller installations thru to completion; walls 8’ in height can take 4’ by 8’sheets at about $8.00 sheet but with ceilings 9’ can receive 54” by 12’ sheets for fewer seams at about $15.00 per sheet but the 54” for practical purposes is a drywall outlet item, not normally found at the big box outlets.
Delivery: Costs start at around $50 for delivery from a competitive drywall outlet for roughly anything under 100 sheets depending on the individual business (while dealing with the drywall distributor may offer not only a fuller range of sheet sizes but other benefits, in the areas of know-how, selections of beading and specialized/automated application devices). You may be surprised to find out also that your big box outlet is being supplied by the drywall outlet or distributor as there are only two main dominant brands of drywall.

If a flatbed hoist or lift for upper floor delivery the price can easily top $120 dollars. While handling though stairwells is around the $1.25 to $1.75 range and other contingencies may be priced. The value of delivery is not to be underestimated, since gypsum is a product that must normally maintain dryness in transit and the bulk of the sheets are not so easily handled by many, both newcomers and experienced.

For the cost conscious, there is the choice of truck rental which can start as low as $20 if time is of the essence, which usually means ordering from the same outlet however. If the unloading and onsite delivery is not too much bother.

Installation: Hanging drywall costs rely on figures like target application, total area and room size, drywall type, thickness and dimensions. The price can go from $1.75 per sq foot with a liberal give or take. But expect to pay a rate bump for specialized areas like curved walls and areas that have many breaks or odd configurations and cutouts. In addition, costs for drywall installation swing by geographic location and labor markets.

Finishing: When dealing with professional finishers, to the completion of drywall finishing depends on the quality of hanging, and the desired end finish - thus putting on different looks if the surfaces are to get painted with high gloss paint, flat, or ceiling stomp-textured. A lot of finishers are experienced tradespeople, and many operate with an efficiency and quality of finished work level that is hard to compare in terms of cost, with the unqualified worker. Always check local codes and for any applicable restrictions if doing yourself. If hiring a contractor always be sure to check references, for needed licenses and for any bonding and insurance.

Specifications/Costs :

Cost of Sheetrock
How much single sheets cost.

Sheet of Drywall Weight
Drywall weight by the sheet.

Drywall Cost Estimate
Costing drywall thru the project.

Quantities of Wallboard
Wallboard quantity weights.

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