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How to Install Drywall Corner Bead

There is a professional method to install corner beads of metal for those with experience. You should not attempt this unless you have put up quite a few lineal feet of bead by the more traditional method.

Anyone who has nailed the bead to the outer corners has realized the challenge in getting the flange to set snug and even onto the paper drywall backing, and, the chance of bending it one way more than the other.

One method that enables a quality installation that hugs the walls evenly consists of a crimper and mallet where you:

- Set the precut bead onto the corner, hold it firmly, and then strike it with a mallet with adequate force to ensure proper hold onto the wall. Here adequate is the operative term, since overstriking and repeated attempts with too much vibration and force can move the bead away from the drywall.

  • While some manufacturers claim that no screws or nails are needed with their particular device, be wary of this. Setting screws every so often will generally secure the bead onto the wall and prevent separation over time.

  • For use of the crimper, the framing and hanging absolutely must be straight. Otherwise the bead will not set properly. In fact, setting the corner by crimping tends to find shallows and uneven areas in the wall/corner underneath.

  • Runs of the corner should be relatively continuous. If there are breaks or angles, it hampers the advantage of this method. It is mostly suited to get a clean and tight fit while achieving production.

  • Be sure to match the bead size, such as 1 1/4" with the crimping device.

Some installers use metal tape overtop the metal/drywall seam for extra protection against cracking and joint separation. But as a word of caution, know what you are doing before attempting this.

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