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How Much Does a Sheet of Drywall Weigh

To streamline the way of figuring the weight of drywall, typical drywall weighs 1.6 pounds per square foot at thick. While the weight of drywall at 5/8 thickness is about 2.31 pounds per square foot. However total weights in lbs may differ by size and by brand.

By the sheet, standard drywall sheeting comes in at: 4 by 8 by is close to 52 pounds 4 by 12 by is close to 77 pounds.

For moisture resistant board, weights for a 4 by 8 by sheet of green board is around 52 lbs. And a 4 by 12 by USG greenboard weighs in the vicinity of 77.5 or 76 lbs

So the green drywall is only slightly more in terms of total pounds. Note that these are only near weights and are not intended to represent exact physical amounts.

Single sheet weights are useful for when moving the gypsum about by hand through normally trafficked areas.

Whereas quantity drywall weights translate more to delivering stacks by machine on to the jobsite. Which may dictate further carrying by hand, based on the landing spots chosen.

Smaller numbers of sheets are more easily transported by vehicles with smaller load ratings, such as by pickup. Assuming dimensions are being accommodated.

Specifications/Costs :

Cost of Sheetrock
How much single sheets cost.

Sheet of Drywall Weight
Drywall weight by the sheet.

Drywall Cost Estimate
Costing drywall thru the project.

Quantities of Wallboard
Wallboard quantity weights.

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