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How Much Asbestos Removal Costs

Once popular among building materials, asbestos is considered a mineral fiber that has been used in fire proofing and in thermal insulation. In flooring, around pipes and other areas of the home. Contractors that perform asbestos removal are typically held to a set of regulations that cover everything from notification ('Asbestos Demolition and Renovation') thru to its sealed disposal ('Waste Shipment Record'). Too, they must also handle documentation and any required filings.

Usually the major concern with asbestos is when it becomes disturbed and/or airborne. Which has been known to cause cancer. More information found at EPA - Asbestos and your local EPA.

Procedure - the removal may include filming off the area, and creating an airflow with a HEPA equipped vacuum while applying lots of duct tape as all practices are being followed to the letter, in accordance with state and federal regulations. It is a best practice that a seperate company do the testing prior to, and on completion of, any removal work.

When paying on an hourly basis, costs will vary depending not only by company but on the types and locations of the materials involved. Although companies that do abatement employ asbestos abatement and hazardous materials workers, who receive in the whereabouts of $14 to $30 base rate per hour, many customers are hard pressed to pay less than a rated estimate of $150 to $175 at the low end to more than double this as their actual payout.

A dominant factor in the cost equation is any oversight and supervisory staff that tend to play an integral role in the project. That can also have the effect of price loading onto what appear to be, smaller or more isolated projects. This, combined with the necessary detailed documentation, administration and related fees and other factors (particularly testing) - minimum contracts of greater than $1,200 are common especially when conducted by smaller outfits in the business. Increases in project values, in excess of $1,800 to $2,500 are know to attract more competitive bidding.
Whether there is more exposed asbestos flooring or relatively difficult to access ductwork being attended to - this will matter greatly when it comes to billable price. A residential abatement effort at $7,000 to $12,000 and more for a mid-size home and under is not that farfetched. If extensive areas need addressing, expect to pay more.

Other considerations/associated fees:
  • Customers may be asked to take up residence temporarily at another location during the process to help ensure their safety.

  • Beyond the removal of asbestos itself -- there may be connected costs for plumbing, repairs and fresh new installs. For example, if asbestos is wall-bound, it may call for refinishing after the removal. Or if pipes or ductwork are pulled, these may need replacing.

  • If deemed appropriate, encapsulation is a method that can, at times, provide a cost-effective alternative to abating the asbestos containing substance.

  • Although normally born by the contractor who is responsible for the remediation, a host of fees and charges can apply that usually appear factored within the estimate. These can include, though not limited to, fees per notification (roughly $75 in some states) as well as for asbestos removal and cleanup efforts when specified size areas are exceeded.

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