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How to Seal the Door Ends

Many problems associated with door closure can be prevented. This is especially true of all bowing wood slabs, and even masonite. Actually, during new home construction, sealing is a common oversight. And even if the doors get treated, they may later be re-cut to accommodate a new floor height. There are two main ways to seal the ends;

Pulling the Door

Typically it is necessary to pull the door on an existing home. Applying Door End Sealer

1) Pull the door from the hinges. Check to see that the door wood or masonite plug ends have not already been sealed.

Prop the door with wood blocks or other, off the flooring. Cut and set plastic under the ends.

2) Brush on clear sealer at the ends, taking care not to get overlap on the normally visible door face and edges, as even most sealers have some amount of tint. Quick dry sealer will minimize dry time.

3) Wipe any excess from the edges with a clean damp rag.

4) Let dry, noting that the door should not be left to rest in a non-flat position for too long of a period.

5) Re-remount the door onto the hinges

Doors Hinge-Mounted

If there is sufficient clearance to accept a handled painter pad, then keeping the doors where they are might seem more convenient.

1) With the floor guarded by loose plastic, apply the sealer to the top end first with a brush.

2) Position the door to midway open, if it will stay that way, and slide a swath of cut plastic under the bottom edge. Using heavy mil gauge plastic will retain its flatness.

3) Apply sealer to the top of the pad painter, and slide this alongside the bottom cut door edge, yet above the plastic. Repeat this several times until you are assured of adequate coverage. A bendable aluminum pad painter is ideal for this. When finished, wipe any excess from edge sections and leave to dry with plastic left in place to catch any possible drips. Check that plastic is apart from door edge, so it will not dry stuck to door.

Usually it is easiest to apply sealer to the pad directly. Also, an inspection mirror and a flashlight works great to check for concealed coverage, that is if there is the clearance.

4) When dry simply remove plastic.

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