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Staining the Deck

Cost of Staining a Deck

Applying a semi-transparanent or solid color stain to the deck can add consistency of appearance while protecting the wood from the sun's UV rays. Normal procedure is that the deck surface first be cleaned (either by pressure washer or by hand) and then, after let to dry, stain is applied. Square foot costs for staining the deck can fall below $1.25 per sq. ft. for a routine clean and stain, on an area roughly larger than 200 square foot that is standing near ground-level.

But estimates can top $3 per foot when including stairs, vertical handrails and spindles or if the deck components must be worked on from levels higher than 6' and particularly 8' step ladders. Also, if spot treatments are needed such as for mold, mildew or other growth.

Various Deck Staining Prices

Materials/Supplies - transparent, solid stain and semi transparent stains and sealers are available from $20 to $45 a gallon. A quality brush, $7 and pump sprayer, roughly $30 (should be dedicated for this purpose). Roller pole, cage and nap total about $9. If a presure washer is called for, then 1/2 day rental usually suffices at around $45 though these can be purchased at near $300 - though too much pressure can be detrimental to the wood and can actually 'tear' newer surfaces when improperly applied and can harm wood that is aged. Additionally, some surfaces should be cleaned by way of a prescribed method only. More on cleaning the deck manually.

Staining Yourself - the above puts many deck staining projects sized at 150 sq. ft. and under potentially below a $90 sum, or around $0.60 a foot at best - depending on what is already owned (such as a pump sprayer, and these do require a thorough cleaning after use). Estimates for the stain need to include the absoption rate of the wood (the less dense the wood surface, such as those aged over a period of years, the more stain being absorbed). Most stains cover approximately 200 sq foot or less and this part of the material fee comprises the major portion of what is being calculated.

Deck Staining by Contractors - most owners of smaller sized decks can expect to pay in the neighborhood of $225 to $375 for that same size deck. More if the deck is elevated as a second story balcony or the structure is somewhat angular. Overall, prices will decrease on a square footage basis mainly due to setup considerations, and also, as an incentive to secure the project. Larger decks, done routinely, are the most economical prospect.

More Considerations Yet

  • Areas that are packed with debris, such as from fallen pine needles (including pitch), twigs and leaves, often require cleaning by manual removal between the floor slats, which normally increases the labor costs.

  • Any mold, mildew and growth may have to be addressed seperately that again, can bump the quote.

  • Efforts required for stripping the prior finish can add substantially to the labor portion of the bill, based on the method. Clear or transparent type sealers may have discoloration that may need to be brought uniform before completing the staining, depending on circumstances.

  • Repairing or replacing any deck members are typically excluded from a 'clean and seal' and may be itemized seperate.

Deck Costs :

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Cost Of Deck Staining
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