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Cost of Cleaning Gutters

Many times, gutter cleaning can be easy to overlook given the internal buildups that remain mostly unseen. But cleaning both the gutters and downspouts should take place on an "as needed" basis to help ensure proper drainage among the entire system while preventing any overflow of water.

The actual cost of cleaning, that often begins at a low of $60 and normally not much less, based on who is performing the cleaning, more typically heads toward $270 for most homes. Which is a fee that could end up preventing far greater expenses for repairs that are attributable to neglect and improper discharge of water.

How Much Gutters are to Clean & Pricing

The most inexpensive gutter clean project is the single story home. A small 1,200 foot home offers simple acccess and a routine maintenance cleaning can be done to fulfill a bare bones estimate of $80. But variables having to do with amount of buildup, presence of downspout screens (effort at removals), ground obstacles and more can drive prices that top $175. Other estimate variables include gutter location/proximity among the radius of the gutter business service radius.

Two story homes, that start to employ extension ladders will experience somewhat of a price jump. Trip time already accounted for, the residence will likely be subject to $100 on up, optimistically speaking. Where ladders must be set off angular roofs or where ladder setup is unlevel and must be compensated the bill will be bumped. Third level homes will have a price escalation, due to the heavier, more difficult larger ladders that are needed to accomplish the task such as for roof mounted dormer gutters, etc, where you can expect some cleaners to refuse work at such heights.

For homes having plugged areas like at downspout junctures - removal of grown vegetation and packed debris, and especially, when occurring within the downspout itself, prices will rise substantially based on the number of stops and the severity of the clogging that could run upwards of $350. Severe clogs might mean disassemmbling and putting back together downspout sections, via rivet gun and sometimes replacing pieces.

Cleaning Gutters Yourself - for those willing to assume the risk, bottom line prices can be reduced almost to nil. Perhaps for a gutter scoop (as little as $4) and utility bucket, assuming an appropriate ladder is already owned. For those willing to invest in an automated cleaner, a robot cleaner like the crawling iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot is available for $299.99 at That offers results which one must first see and some additional cleanup may be required at ground-level on completion.

Other Cleaning Factors, Extras & Lowering the Estimate:

  • The Sealing of any leaky seams - getting a gutter assessment, before or during the cleaning, by an outfit that also performs repairs can reduce what might otherwise be increased costs due to it being priced-out seperate. Which some handyman do.

  • Downspout screens are roughly $3 each for replacement and these might be likely removed anyway for cleaning. Items that tend to rust and their failure can lead to clogging at greater expense.

  • Replacing rusty screws is a cheap proposition - about $1 for an 8 count bag of #8 screws prepainted white. Cost comprised mainly of swap out labor, the effort of accessing each screw.

  • Gutters that connect into lower ground drains might require disconnects particularly for clogs.

  • Drip edge might also need to be placed for proper diversion of water off the roof areas.

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