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Roof Cleaning Comparison

Cost of Cleaning the Roof

Given the sloped heights of roofing, the operation of cleaning the roof can be a precarious task. Wetting the surface can naturally make it slick, especially tile and metal roofs but asphalt and fiberglass shingles have their own challenges as well. All of which can affect costs.

Prices for roof cleanings will depend mainly on method, amounts and type of buildup and just who is doing the cleaning operation.

How Much Various Roof Cleanings Run

By Roof Cleaners - a 1,200 square foot roof will start near $225 and possibly more but this is a straightforward cleaning considered closest to the ground as it gets. Larger roofs of greater square footages of perhaps 2,500 sq ft to 3,000 sq ft can add up to $700 or more ($0.22 to $0.28 sq ft) assuming they are second story or higher. Features like steeper pitches, hip sections, along with increased heights will bump the bill. For practical purposes, though figuring at least some obstacle(s) to deal with, put an average cost approaching $462.50. Most important, obstructions to the work like mature trees, chimneys and decks may possibly translate to a hoist by articulating boom-lift to gain access that may add to the quote still. Dormer roofs may be another sticking point. As the majority of common home roofs are likely to be billed on average in the $300 to $500 range.

Do It Yourself Roof Cleaning - clensing the roof, even on a basic single story structure, is a personal decision that is not without great risks. But, cleaning by DIYer's can be done for as little as $85 and this covers $60 for the rental of a 2,500 psi power washer with chemical inkjector that is equipped with 50' of pressure hose (for the smallest of roofs, done in under 1/2 day, this drops to roughly $38). But which assumes both a method of accessing the roof and any safety gear like a body harness is present. Added sections of hose length are $6 to $8 that can prevent a lot of machine relocating at ground-level while fuel to operate the machine is by most agreements at your expense. Boom lift rentals (non-articulated) such as for a 30 footer cross $200 a day plus delivery - which are not at everyones disposal, there are certain distinct qualifications to bring these on-premises.

Procedures that go beyond simple removal, like to address algae and lichen that could otherwise remain after washing may require a chemical cleaner and possible agitation by scrubbing. Quality, concentrated cleaners, enough for treating an entire 2,000 square foot roof surface are $15 to $20 a gallon depending on brand. The 'apply and forget' solutions roughly double this amount.

As a tip, using the wrong cleaner can inflict damage to the roof and its components. Bleach, for example can cause corrosion on metal flashing and other areas - which can quickly outweigh any savings gotten by doing yourself. Also, applying excessive amounts or incorrect fan pressure from a power washer can prematurely errode roof granules.

Extra Cleaning Fees & Amounts Spent:

Besides presenting an opportune time for having the roof inspected, during the estimate process or prior to cleaning, that is, here are some potential added fees & implications, for:
  • Fixing or replacing any loose, torn or missing shingles to match existing. Or sealing any cracked tiles or breaches in the roof surface itself.

  • If the roof tiles are previosuly painted, they may require a new roof coating that is normally excluded from cleaning quotations.

  • Installing copper strips or other for prevention of future streaking & developing growth - the cost will depend on factors like total runs and placement - but attaching should amount to less than $1 per foot. Noting that effectiveness usually diminishes over prolonged exposure.

  • Measures at protecting any landscaping may be included, though this may lean the other way.

  • Removal of heavy or unusual builds of moss and natural growth will increase the bill.

  • Be aware of any warranties which are associated with specific roof cleaning chemical products that may require an approved contractor carry out the work.

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