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Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Before having your roof attended to, you will want to investigate a number of points. First, since your roof, gutters and downspouts are all a system, consider if you would rather deal with one contractor or two. Second, if yours is an existing roof, take measures to maintain it. This includes ensuring for proper ventilation to prolong its useful life.

1) Begin to circulate ideas on the types of roofing you prefer, for appearance sake and for functional purposes - coordinating this with your architecture while remaining open to the contractor suggestions.

2) Obtain names of reputable companies doing business. Licensed contractors that have a demonstrable history of satisfying customers. Verify their license numbers with your state of residence. Seek out who will actually be performing the work, and if it will be a subcontractor.

3) Obtain insurance information; preferable a copy of the certificate of insurance. Look also for coverage in terms of workers compensation.

4) Question the roofers experience level with the type of roofing you want. All aspects. This is quite important especially for select materials such as slate, metal panels, tiles and shakes/wood shingles. Many roofers are specialized and are setup to do these types with efficiency.

5) Glean ideas from the contractors on shingles and materials. If they have a history with recommended products what is it?

6) Are financing options available and at what rate and terms?

7) Any material/shingle promotions available?

8) Be clear on warranties and guarantees, and proposed labor and material rates. Who will stand behind the work and performance of materials? What are the financial standings of these companies. Get everything in writing.
9) Make sure that the scope of work is clearly itemized in the bid/estimate. Some, but not all specifics might include:
  • Resulting refuse - as this applies, and if plants and surrounding areas below will receive adequate protection throughout. Too, if the discarded materials will be transported that day or a refuse container is to remain onsite, and its location.

  • Tear off provisions - for removals. Will the chosen contractor ensure that water and the elements won't penetrate the structure when left exposed? Will there be same day delivery of shingles, tiles or other roofing?

  • Particulars that clarify how the roof is to be installed, including flashing, pattern and offset, addressing ventilation and all material types. Are the shingles Class-A fire rated by Underwriters Labs? Seek all applicable fire ratings.

  • The start and completion dates.

10) Get estimates from several contractors and verify references.

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