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How to Paint an Inner Closet

To put a fresh new coat of paint on the closet;

1) Clear the clothes and storaged items out and away. If painting other areas, it often makes sense to paint the closet first for this very reason. Getting the closets taken care of seperately will translate to easier moving when it comes to taking care of bordering areas.

2) Shelving: if there is a main removable shelf, pull it. If there is wire shelving, these may need to be reset with wall anchors and remounted after the painting -- which is often a time saver in the long run.

3) Using a duster brush, then a damp rag, clean off any collected dust and debris. If there is a baseboard that is getting painted, this should be wiped down. Remember that if there is natural finish wood trim, the surface must be especially clean to avoid any bleed thru of paint at the edge when being masked. For more narrow closets (having no light fixtures) such as coat rooms and among bedrooms, it often helps to have a portable light.

4) Masking: if the baseboard is to be painted the same as the walls, mask off at the baseboard/carpet juncture (tucking with the taping knife). If the trim, such as baseboard and shelf cleat are to be painted seperately - paint these first, then mask around them after the paint has had sufficient time to dry. If the trim is to stay natural - mask these pieces for wall painting.
5) Closet ceiling: for smaller closets, if the walls are to receive an off white finish, it generally makes sense to paint the ceiling first with the same material as the walls. If the ceiling is to be seperated out, like for more conspicuous, larger ceiling areas, still paint the surface first with adequate coverage before starting the walls.

6) Closet walls; for lower sheen finishes, cut the walls in twice for a change in color or where there are two coats to be painted. Roll out the walls with a short handle, expandable roller pole.

7) Pull the tape. Make extra sure that if items are to come into contact with walls or shelving that the newly applied paint has been allowed to dry and harden before returning them.

Note: if you have bifold style closet doors, it may make sense to pull these prior to painting to create more of an open space to work in and around. See to adjust closet bifold doors.

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