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Cost for Interior Painting on the Home

When it comes to painting the inside of a house, it does matter who is doing the work when paying for an expected quality. Also factoring is a gamut of paint variables, such as the time of year, with winter in many parts of the country bringing somewhat lower rates than other times of the year. Scheduling ahead, say in the fall, has been known to give better rates to many customers.

When talking about an estimate for painting basic walls in 2019 on an existing 700 square foot unit, average prices start at near $825 to $950 and this includes cost of both paint and supplies and labor to complete the project - generally with up to (2) different paint types. Ceilings will add an approximate 30% to 40% premium depending on type of existing texture and whether or not the surface has been painted before. Figuring trim (with baseboard) and doors (flat or six panel doors) will add around $325 to $500 to the amount. The overall color scheme and kinds of paints and finishes will impact the total cost; specifically, sharper contrasts (especially with darker-based tones) and putting on satin/eggshell/semigloss on the walls.

Further, to paint out the closets of this typical two bedroom residence, and with possible laundry room, though rarely done, will translate to $180 to $290 at minimum tacked on top of the base price, and that, for completing walls only. If the unit happens to be furnished, depending on type and weights of the items that have to be moved, figure at least a 20% to 35% extra charge.

Graduating the house dimensions, on to a 1,200 to 1,500 sq ft home -- this will frequently experience some proportionaly price drop of 10 to 20% and under, due to a decrease in the setup and increased quantity of workload coming from a single customer. Those spaces that exceed this size might not experience a drop, given the prevalance of taller foyers and second story wall heights combined with trim/millwork variables.
Preparation is wide and varied, but minor indentations and small nail holes should be specified within most quotes. If there is sizable damage or dents in the walls and ceilings, expect to pay no less than $125 and more on the work order for patching, sanding and priming needed prior to the actual painting and this assumes other work can be done during drying cycles. If a finished 'solid trim appearance' is desired, then caukling will have to be accomplished, particularly on the door jambs and where the trim meets the walls. Expect 3 to 4 hours minimum for most situations, mainly a labor component, tallying $75 and greater onto the total bill. More if nails must be reset and puttied over.

Window frames are another item, such as on older homes having french-style glass or those newer ones with similar style grids. Two coating these with a gloss paint normally is $50 to $175 each depending on facets like the casings, the amount of preparation required, window dimensions, sills, and availability of access to the unit.

Garages: the painting of the garage, usually skipped during most repaints, is traditionally done with an inexpenseive flat paint and for which charges for a two car area go from $225 to $325, including paint and labor and excluding any baseboard. A three car garage, just under half that amount again.

Staircases: depending on their makeup, the staircase can add considerably to the bottom line. This holds especially if the stair treads and risers, spindles and handles are seperated out with a stain-bordering-paint-finish where much sharp masking is required. The two-level wood staircase alone will average $275 to $475 given that these are oft done partially at a time, atop an initial quality finish.

Colors: adding color seperation among the rooms will affect the bill. While certain painters have a 'color charge' of perhaps $50 to $75 per each additional color request, those shades chosen that create more definitive contrasts with lighter trim and ceiling areas will affect the total bill, given the greater time, skill and effort for cutting-in with the brush and cleanup afterward. To reduce costs, ceilings on shallow closets are frequently done in the same finish as the walls just for this reason.

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