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How Much Does it Cost to Paint Your House in 2024

Cost plays a vital part in the quality of painting houses. This is surely current for 2024 and anyone that has every painted seriously has witnessed the implications of a cheap paint job. If fact, it could be argued that price largely controls the finishing end-product.

Expect to pay at least 30% more for a repaint. And heights mean that extension ladders are involved, which requires greater time and effort. Not only that, but both the grade that the home is built on and the kind of flooring can determine accessibility. If scaffolding must be erected expect to pay at least 15% to 20% more and this is a conservative figure - although scaffolding on wheels will of course be the lesser amount.

The main costs of house painting for 2024 include:

Materials, which consists of paint, supplies and tools needed to apply the paint to the home. Typical costs for paint range enormously and go from $15.00/gal for cheaper latex to more than $40.00/gal for acrylic and deeper-base formulas. Customarily, many painters have their own markup on the total paint purchased for delivery to the jobsite as a built-in to the overall project.

Solvent/oil-based paints range from $25/gal for lower end enamels to more than $60/gal for higher end grades of paint. Costs that are constantly increasing. Many paint dealers cite continual increases in ingredient costs to explain this rise in prices over recent years to better maintain environmental compliance such as VOC and for other reasons.
Often price breaks are offered for quantity purchases, though be mindful that after the painting, the 5 gallon buckets consist of more open air that results in unwanted dry-out during storage. Dealers normally consider the return of single gallon containers and fives for non-custom mixes only. Also, most paint dealers do offer discounts for frequent or large quantity purchases such as by landlords, but you will have to inquire about this! Some dealers such as Sherwin Williams offer dedicated lines at extremely low costs to property maintenance firms (5 gallon quantities) - but again, you won't hear about it unless you specifically ask and buy in continual quantity as some of these offerings are intentionally not made known to the public consumer.

Experienced painters do like to work with water-borne paints as opposed to solvent-based solutions, and as a result, the latter will incur higher labor costs for working with these types of paints.

Important rule to go by -- paint accounts for about 1/3 of the total cost of a painting bill. Whereas if doing yourself, it makes up about 80% to 90% of the total.

When figuring the paint needed, be sure to take into consideration both the texture of the surface and the sheen, with higher gloss finishes covering over broader areas though sometimes requiring added coats. Too, the surface porosity helps determine coverage and gallons of paint required. When painting unsealed surfaces for the first time, you will be spending greater amounts on paint and labor, for attaining initial coverage.

The cost of labor carries the main part of the cost of house painting. If you are painting the house yourself, you can save on the bulk of the entire costs over bringing in a painter - that easily surpasses $35.00 per hour on the low end, based on your location (areas around cities normally have upper-end hourly labor rates). Hourly bids though can have a cap put on the total price being spent instead of being 'open ended.' With this, it is often smart to work from a list of priorities - from the most to least important things to be painted. Aside from the fixed lump sum. In addition, many painters require minimum projects that can start at $500 to $600 - due to setup and scheduling.

Frequently painters will request payment terms such as a deposit down, to get started, a progress payment and balance due on completion. It is usually best, to make sure that what is remitted/any draws don't get too far ahead of any work completed, and that enough stays due to ensure that the project be completed.

How often the painting is done will certainly affect costs. But paying for the higher grade materials upfront normally will extend the life of the paint job.

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