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Cost of Painting A Room

Many paint jobs are a partial painting throughout the house, rooms here and there. But done individually, these will each cost slightly more than if painted altogether as a whole house painting.

Most modest sized rooms can be done with 2 to 3 gallons of paint (about $50 to $150 as prices continue to increase) depending on the number of coats required for coverage. Which will depend on brand of paint & color choice. Custom colors are normally best gotten at the same time, for later touch-up/repaint purposes.

Based on typical 8 foot wall heights - 2019 costs for paint jobs having little or no moving or shifting of furniture and items:

  • 10' x 12' room - will be $220 to $380. Approximately $175 to $290 if the owner supplies paint.

  • 12' x 12' room - in the $260 to $400 range for labor and materials.

  • 12' x 15' room - should cost $300 to $450 although larger rooms sometimes involve extra charges (pulling draperies, etc)

  • These include miscellaneous expenses of $25 for supplies. Not included among the paint is masking tape, roller nap(s) and plastic. Ceilings for the above will be about $100 to $175 based on if the surface is being done before walls and any ceiling texture. Closets, doors, trim and wall prep are extra.
    Closets are often a questionable spot and should be looked at prior to painting. Often, with wire-type shelving that is popular with builders, the wall mounts become weakened and must be reset such as with wall anchors, for more securing holding power. To do so will mean pulling the shelving, then painting the closet walls prior to remounting the shelves.

    If the space does happen to be furnished, shifting the items and placing them back in their resting place will be approximately $35 to $125 depending on the sheer weight and likelihood of any damage occurring.

    To paint baseboards will translate to additional masking run along the carpet or flooring which could also involve cleaning with a vacuum first, and then applying two coats of finish unless there is a close-to-exact match of paint being applied.

    Preparation is straighforward for most interior rooms that are made of drywall (plaster walls are a different story) - assuming only a few small nail holes like for hanging pictures. These can be addressed in but a few moments with a clean press of wall patch. But if wider screw holes or any damage to the walls is present, figure more for setting wall patch, sanding and finishing the surface.

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