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Garage Door Installation Costs

Calculating an install of a garage door in major terms comes down to the open dimension, which mainly breaks down to measured width, and the type of door being integrated including if it is of the tilting type or rolls on tracks as well as if an auto opener is to be included. The costs for a bare bones tilt proposition starts at around $475 like for a skin aluminum model (single car width) but a wood panel garage door can go $2,200 and greater depending on specifications and options chosen.

Various Garage Door Installs and Pricing

After the tilt-up design, the consideration of rollers & tracks will add on to proposed estimates. Which normally hikes the price most, on a per door charge, when figuring onto smaller garage doors - meaning 8' by 7' sized or 9' by 7' fitting garage doors (as opposed to the larger 16 x 7' doors).

An overview of prices can present misleading scenarios; most modest sized doors in a standard roll-up design can be done below or around $1,100 and this example represents many applications. Noting that a price jump happens whenever customized models are being introduced and these frequently mount 40% and twice this and then some to the ticket.

Materials: with aluminum among the most inexpensive, the choice of composition material or fiberglass are regular middle-of-the-road options. Followed by steel garage doors and wood panels. Where the type of wood will play in terms of price - is not so much for a grain like hemlock - but for construction by cedar and mahogony. Along with where custom designs are present like for arches and windows. A minority of upper tier solid wood doors install at $4,100 while most near $2,200 with the remaing options tapering before the $3,500 mark. Overall, those that offer internal insulation have a slightly increased built-in cost although the insulation can help seal the garage.

As a structural concern, some doors offer framing solutions that can bring longevity and resistance to entry.

The option of adding an automatic door opener: having a basic model that hoists the arrangement begins near $175 including sensors. Models upgraded with stronger motors and an externally mounted keypad can top $400, including trip-on light.

Other Options & Costs:

  • A common question asked by door companies on an estimate call is if an exterior entry door on the outer wall is to be done at the same time. Prices for such doors vary vastly but including putting up new casings, both inside and out, cost $325 and greater with hardware.

  • Opting for factory grade finishes can reduce longer term operatiing amounts.

  • Choosing garage doors that have widely available components over an established track record can make the difference not only when it comes to future service endeavors, but whether or not an entire garage door must be replaced or can be dealt with as is, either when damage or a lapse in operability occurs.

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