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DIY Electrical Projects and Ideas

Projects that involve electricity are best done by those with skills in the area. Since swapping outlets, light switches, circuit breakers and even rated bulbs can present risks that make assumptions.

Electrical supply houses often have expertise about system maps, circuits, boxes and connections. They can help layout lighting diagrams, and ceiling schematics that coordinate the best overall placement for desired effects with the latest products available.

AC Outlets - outlets throughout the home can be tested by plugging in a receptacle analyzer. GFCI's - ground-fault circuit interrupters must always be working in areas of water and moisture. Homeowners and occupants should test these regularly. Search for hidden outlets.

Dimmer Switches - the added dimmer switch controls the lighting through a spectrum of intensity, doing this by regulating the voltage. This is done at relatively low effort and cost. While changing a particular switch here and there to a timed switch, brings convenience, saves on electric and is potentially safer.

Programmable Thermostats - the digital thermostats can regulate temperatures with greater efficiency and possibly save on electric. Following installation, the thermostats are programmed to suit your schedule.

Home Theater Wall Speakers - bring life to the home theater. Installing flush mount or satellite speakers means running the wiring. If you already have a series of speakers, consolidate the connections by ending off into a pole plate.

Full Spectrum Light bulbs - are easily changed out, and emit more of a true-to-natural sun color light. Which can go much appreciated when seen next to regular bulbs, that are actually yellow. Of course you could also change out to energy-efficient bulbs, but they are halogen, with their larger coil.

General Electric claims to have developed an 'Eternal Bulb' that they say is made of a filament that will never wear out.

Routing electrical lines through walls almost always means doing drywall repair or ceiling repair before finishing that must be done afterward.

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