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Flushing the Sink Drain Clear

Flushing a Clogged Sink Clear

There is a choice for cleaning the drain that involves water pressure alone and this, in principle, is fairly simple. Assuming you know when to best use it, since there are risks.

Flushing with water is best applied on clogs that are located in bathroom sink areas. This is simply due to the fact that bath sinks alone - and not kitchen or utility sinks, or all tubs in general - are without the internal cross shaped basket frame. Which itself prohibits the insertion of the bladder. On those drains that are equipped with the "cross" member, enter with the bladder through the open drain trap. The trap course may be cleaned at the same time.

There clearly is risk of damage using the flushing bladders when the pressure increases, markedly on aged pipes, and commonly at drain trap, slip-nut seals. Particularly when pressure begins to increases above 50 lbs, not to mention 70 to 80 lbs. Additionally, pressurized water can blowback onto the operator under certain conditions.

The hydraulic bladders in the 1" to 2" size should fit kitchen and bath applications that normally drain at 1 1/2" and 1 1/4" piping.

If cleaning the bathroom sink;

1) Remove the plunger, if there is a pivot arm let it remain.

2) Thread the cleaning bladder onto the end of a hose, with the other end attached at the cold faucet (with an adaptor) or on to a spigot.

3) Insert the bladder at least 1/2 foot into the internal drain. Turn on and gradually increase the pressure, causing the bladder to expand and fill the inner pipe. Once a seal is achieved, forward pressure will begin. If water bypasses the bladder, shut off the water. Keep an eye on the drain trap below, wearing goggles, for any signs that there could be compromising at the drain trap junctures/nuts.

4) When you are assured that the plug is cleared through the drain, reduce pressure on the bladder.
Another risk of flushing is that it could potentially force the clog yet further into the drain. However, many houses today are not fitted with main cleanouts, they have to be installed on discovering this.

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