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How to Unclog the Tougher Sink Clog

This assumes you have attempted less severe methods of unplugging the sink such as by plunging and clearing the trap. Disconnect and open the 'P Trap' or 'J Trap' if it is not, and;

1) Cover the areas below the drain pipe opening, leading to the wall, with a towel to catch drips and waste material. The water line should be turned off.

2) Begin feeding the coil end of the auger into the pipe opening. You should be able to feel an obstruction in the line when it is being reached. The turning fills the spring coil. Don't place too much pressure on the cable.

3) Depending on the stoppage, if line begins to tighten, retract it back and clean of the end. Then re-insert it back into the pipe. Do this again and again until the drain becomes cleared.

4) You might want to test the newly cleared line with a water hose before putting the drain trap back together.

5) After the trap is assembled and the drain is cleaned, run hot water for several moments.
If you are unable to reach the clog, it may be necessary to use a powered auger, available as wheeled-units for longer runs. With the option of accessing through the main clean-out.

For shorter runs - other augers are drill/manually operated, and there are also pistol-grip styles (manual) which should clear most clogs. These are easier to clean with than the loose cable augers made with thumb-screw handles that normally prove rather ungainly.

Toilet augers are shaped for the commode drain and must not be used on clearing sink drains. Augers typically can be rented.

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