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Costs for Kitchen Sink Installation

When it comes to putting a new sink in the kitchen, there are several factors related to the bottom line expense. Whether it is a single bowl, double or even triple bowl sink -- costs will also be partly based on the configuration and how it is to seat on the counter, the material composition, grade of sink & brand. Some of the least expensive sink installs begin near $165 for a basic above-mount drop in stainless unit, labor and materials, and go to over $650 for an upper grade double bowl style design.

Kitchen Sink Install & Replacement Pricing Characteristics

Most often when getting quotes for a sink, there will be variables like running new hot and cold supply lines, priced between $12 to $30 ea., depending on if the lines are vinyl or copper. Replacing the trap that unscrews (PVC unbonded) can be done for around $15 depending on plumber. These, itemized as part of a total install only. Features like basket strainers sell from $2 to $10 but it is best to have a factory fit rather than an aftermarket adaptation. Stops that are store bought run $3 or $4 but that same stop could cost two or three times as much via a plumber.

Sinks by Plumbers - putting the sink in is roughly a 2.5 hour job order under most circumstances, excluding both the simplest and the more elaborate requirements. In terms of labor, some of the most reasonably priced plumbers will bill this out near $110 for a bare install only - aside from any work on or replacement of lines for supply and discharge, exluding the disposal and a dishwasher line reconnect. That same install could likely result in a charge of more than $200 labor by other plumbers so it is wise to fully investigate a plumbers fee schedule prior to the hiring. Dealing with disposals and faucets are seperate.

Moving the sink in relation to the kitchen counter can be a rather expensive proposition. Particularly if it involves enough of a move that the rough plumbing be relocated - and that includes the drain pipe aside from any cutting on the counter surface. Total costs depend on factors like if the wall cavities will be exposed during the plumbing, and the existing drain pitches below, and more. But sink moves can easily cost in excess of $2,000 depending on specifics.

Also, relocating sink position might only be practical when a new counter is being installed since many solid surface or stone materials are fashioned out by such fabricators.

Doing Yourself - installing a surface mount sink can be a DIY project but it will often mean spending more time on the sink than a plumber, assuming that the working doer does not "have their system down" so to speak. A budget of $25 should cover a pair of channel lock pliers (for the drain slip nut), a utility knife, silicone caulk and and a small supply of either plumbers tape or putty, whichever is preferred. With the risk posed by making a new counter cutout (laminates), those counters already having typical cutout openings to accomodate the chosen sink are most practical for the everyday DIYer with the cost of such cutting frequently included among new counters.

Sink Materials - starting with the most inexpensive, a 20 gauge or 23 gauge four hole double sink alone can be found at $60 or thereabouts. Heavier duty basins, for example a 16 gauge T-304 basin will rise substantially in price ($300 to $500) and these often are offered by brands like Kohler, Kraus and Moen. Many freestanding stainless units are priced yet above this, over $900.

Cast iron sinks offer durability in colors and are among the costliest of sinks. They are priced among few other above-mounts, carrying hefty prices well over $700 to $1,100. Solid surface and acrylic cast sinks can be found at far less. Select designer models like the Apron Front cater to the upwards-of-$450-kitchen-crowd in stainless, possibly more in other materials.

Undermounts are priced higher than surface mounts as a rule and they'll require more also from the standpoint of an install/prepping for placement.

To add a new fixture see faucet install cost which could be done seperate. And when the drain is already open, a garbage disposal.

Reducing Kitchen Sink Fees

  • Consider recyling your old sink, particularly if it is stainless.

  • Faucets and disposals can sometimes be reused but the prices for swapping them out should be more cost effective, for the labor portion, when the sink is already being done.

  • Consolidating features like retractable spray nozzles off the sink and into an integrated fixture can possibly lower sink fees especially where knockouts are not already present.

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