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Plumbing Repair Tips - DIY Plumbing Guide

There are many plumbing fixes that the homeowner can accomplish when it comes to unclogging drains, repairing fixtures and pieces on toilets. Here you will find step by step how to's on these repairs and more, to keep your water flowing more quietly, surely and uninterrupted.

The call for some of these repairs does vary for throughout different parts of the country. For example, if you happen to reside in an area of high lime content - although installing a quality water softening unit may help to mitigate the effects. Or, other areas could have lower pressure. Although water conservation should be all of our concerns, such as in the case of leaky drains, toilets or those that unnecessarily overfill on a regular basis.

In-Depth Cost Discussions:

Practical ways of keeping drain lines free of clogs, for kitchen and bathroom, sinks and tubs.

Clearing Sink With Plunger How to Unclog a Sink Drain
Progressive and easy steps to follow for removing the sink clog from a single or double bowel. The plunger clears up many clogs but if this does not manage to free the line then you might need to remove and clean the drain trap under the sink.

Dealing with a Tougher Sink Clog Handles the deeper plug in the pipe by reaching with an auger into the branch drain.

Bladder Flushing Clogged Sink Flushing a Clogged Sink Clear
If you are set against chemical cleaning then clearing the drain with forced water could be a choice. But first become familiar with some of the risks.

The flushers can be applied to common pipe dimensions and you will need decent access to the pipe.

Clearing Tub Drain How to Unclog a Tub Drain
Tubs have different style caps and no drain traps. Yet much is still done without the assistance of an auger.

But the strainer basket will normally have to be rotated back out with a wrench, to access the clog in the pipe

Replacing Toilet Fill Valve How to Replace a Toilet Fill Valve
If your ball cock or fill valve is acting up, constantly going and not shutting off, or letting out a confined spray, this might solve your problem.

Successful Toilet Fill Valve Replacement Advice on making the fill value fit and not leak, and also about tank siphons.

Changing Toilet Flapper How to Replace the Toilet Flapper
If the seal either happens to leak at the flapper, it won't shut fast enough causing the toilet to run constantly, wasting water, or is just plain worn - putting a new one on is a simple task.

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