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Costs for Bathroom Sink Installation

Updating the bathroom sink can change what receives constant use. Pricing for replacement goes anywhere from $159 for a rudimentary white model (made of vitreous China) that includes an install by a reasonable plumber, and that rises to over $800 for higher-end models, such as those of specialty metal basins or for designer fireclay. Few basins on the market range from $1,200 to $1,500.

Bath Sink Installs & Replacement Pricing

How the bathroom sink is to be set can mean cost variations - not just due to the absence or presence of a vanity, but because of other installation characteristics. Corner mount sinks and pedastal sinks are not always straightforward installs, or as "open" as they could be placed. The corner models and wall mount sinks can offer support challenges. Likewise, plumbing inside tighter confines of a vanity space can affect the billing of some plumbers, while others turn the other cheek. Which is why specific sink choice questions may be asked by prospective installers and hourly rate quotes proposed in certain applications.

Sinks by Plumbers - replacing the sink can take 1.5 hours for an optimal in and out, or it can approach twice that amount of time. That could translate to a low of $120 for labor and materials (sink excluded) or it could mean a $320 fee in more extreme cases. Important points bearing on the bill include; whether or not the supply lines & their valves are ready for changeouts, the condition of the drainage and its new mating, and any modifications that are called for on the lower drain body and pop out plug/pivot rod connection area. Also, the dual vanity "his and her" sink setups cost less on a per sink or total basis when figuring that the initial service call fee has effectively been split in half.

Doing Yourself - a bathroom sink can be put in almost for the price of the sink by itself. For the truely budget-minded this could be as minimal as $39 to $70 for a no-frills, basic white or bone colored drop in oval sink. Which is a far cry from what most DIYer's choose unless it is going in a rental property or similar space. Squarish designs will cost more. Most self-rimming models, that offer greater flow control, for most purposes begin near $160. To install, the top mounts usually tighten to the counter via clips with adjusting screws so a screwdriver is needed, aside from a couple of wrenches to fit undeside lock nuts & also make line connections.

Adding to the core sink, materials and supplies like a tube of pipe dope ($4 to $7) or teflon tape ($1.50 a roll) for the method of thread sealing. A new drain trap could be needed either out of wear or for establishing a new discharge position. A new 1 1/2" or 1 1/4" P trap assembly could also be a must that includes all nuts, washer and seals ($3.50 to $6) along with PVC cement and primer ($8.50).

Choices of Bathroom Sinks - by far the largest cost component for most installs, the lavatory basin is priced by manufacturer in combination with grade and style. For example, American Standard offers lower priced models and at the same time enters mid-priced brackets with other designs. Brands like Sterling have many economy models. As Kohler leans toward mid-to-higher price points. Certain brands like Hansgrohe target the $900 to $1,400 range. Potentially an important feature across all brands, however is the integrated overflow that feeds to the lower draintube and helps prevent cascading to lower areas.

The popular, continuous look of cultured marble sink counters begin at close to $225 for the single bowl design. These can pass $420 for an integrated double basin. Available in different colors, shapes and hole sets.

See also faucet install costs.

Reducing Bathroom Sink Fees

  • Considering the install portion of the total bill, it is sometimes cost effective to have the vanity and/or counter replaced during the same time in order to lower what would otherwise be seperately repeated labor portions.

  • In some cases, the prospect of refinishing higher value sinks could present an attractive alternative.

  • Continuous sink-counters (molded) while attractive, often represent a greater replacement expense in the event damage occurs which cannot receive an appropriate repair.

  • Even though lacking any moving parts, bathroom sinks carry differing warranties that cover potential replacement. Commonly overlooked, warranties deem attention prior to purchase.

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