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Costs for Faucet Installation

Above the sink, faucets make a pointed statement. Their design, functionality and ease of use leave a lasting impression. Whether a new faucet is being put in the kitchen or in a bathroom, most buyers can expect to pay between a low of $90 for the most basic install, on up to $550 and greater for upper-end fixtures - a wide range indeed with much riding on personal tastes & preferences.

Determining Faucet Installs & Their Replacement Pricing

Buyers notice many choices - that have to do with matching the sink holes with the type of faucet, whether a there will be an integrated faucet sprayer (in the kitchen) or a sprayer set within its own sink hole, besides other considerations as well. There are Single Lever Disc Faucets, claiming higher rates of reliability, Ball Faucets that are perhaps more susceptible to leakage, and the common Cartridge Faucet - all of which are offspring, in one form or another, to older, Compression Faucets now often seen in laundry sink areas that sometimes tend to represent the functional, economical choice.

Supply lines that already exist, may or may not need changing. Although installing adaptors might be needed to mate dissimilar types of materials, like PEX adaptors, for example, for joining to copper faucets - but at only about $4.50 for the pair it is more a matter of planning ahead of time to limit trips being made.

Faucets by Plumbers - under most scenarios, installing the new faucet takes about 1.0 hour for the simplest of procedures, like installing a utility sink faucet where all lines are openly exposed. More for baths, about 1.5 to 2.0 hrs to undertake and with kitchen faucets leaning toward the greater. Making the new connections and resetting a matching lower drain assembly (either a strainer body for the kitchen or a drain stop mechanism for the bath) and then testing with running water afterwards, including materials - prices range from $105 because of some of the lowest hourly amounts, and at the other end charges near $165 (again labor & supplies only).
Purchased Faucet Wrench
Doing Faucets Yourself - straightforward sink installs can be done for less than a $20 expense that is mostly to seal threads, assuming there is prior ownership of a few hand tools like wrenches for coupling nuts, and a pair channel-lock pliers for the drain stop retainer nut.

But, certain same brand name tools might have to be bought or ordered to work on particular faucets. For example the Moen wrench pictured (#118305) at $11 is a must, to reach their more recessed nuts. Seat wrenches & allen wrenches may come boxed with the new faucet unit.

Choices of Faucets - most of the big name faucet makers put out designs in stainless, and chrome, and sometimes various bronzes, anodized and nickel finishes. While designs are also defined by the amount of upper arc and number of handles. Popular brands include the ranks of Pfister, Delta, Grohe, American Standard & Kohler.

Also see faucet repair costs especailly if debating repair versus replace. And costs of kitchen sink install or else installing bath sinks as these apply.

Note: unkown to many faucet buyers is that many of the big box home centers and local hardware stores now carry lines of faucets that are sliding into lesser grades. As upper grade faucets and fixtures have become available through plumbing supply houses and through the manufacturer directly which cost more, though sometimes by a slight amount (considering the total labor/install equation) - these upgrades frequently feature enhanced durability and outlast their locally shelved counterparts. Contact the specific manufacturer for further information.

Optimizing Faucet Fees

  • Specialty finishes may need occasional maintainence cleaning to prolong their useful appearance.

  • Under certain conditions, sometimes installing a water softener can help keep internal mechanisms free of buildup and thus extend the faucets serviceable life.

  • Regardless of who installs the faucet, always maintain a record of the model number and any enclosed parts list along with purchase receipt which may have to be acquired from the installer. Possilby not only for future parts needed but in the event of a warranty claim.

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