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Toilet Installation Costs

Installing a new toilet unit, complete with working parts, lower seal and perhaps in a desired color to compliment the rest of the surroundings is sometimes the best choice. Especially in cases where there is deep staining in the bowl or some of the operations are in question. The project for a licensed plumber for a strict install will usually cost in most cases between $180 for economical models to $475 for higher end versions. Replacing adds in the vicinity of $90 to $120 more.

Alternative Install & Replacement Pricing

For replacing a toilet, both the supply line and the floor drain pipe are considered to be in place and ready to go. But where no toilet has been present, running a new PVC drain by itself, either on plywood or on OSB flooring often costs between $360 on the very low end to more than $550 and sometimes more, depending on where the line must feed and access issues that must be managed. Adding a supply line and shutoff valve will likewise be dependent on existing lines. Their addition will also bring wall repair and refinishing.

Toilets by Plumbers - for replacements, pulling the existing tank and bowl, and installing new wax is everyday procedure. The toilet flange, however, is often bypassed or else overlooked. At less than $25 it often makes sense to swap it. The supply tube might also be considered at a lesser cost.

When the toilet location is other than at main-level, for installs and even much more so for replacing, there will incur greater labor for lugging up and down the stairs.

Doing Yourself - saving on the entire labor portion of the bill, a basic white toilet can be replaced for as little as $70 for a white round model, plus materials like a wax seal for under $5. Disposal of the old toilet can be dealt with by searching 'recycling' in your area. Certain salvage outlets, like in San Jose will pick up yours for $17 while offering quantity discounts.

The Toilet Expenditure - brand, color and design will have everything to do with pricing on the toilet you select. Across the board, for big name brands; American Standard is among the lowest price, followed by Kohler and Toto. Pressure-flush toilets will run more than the traditional gravity flush systems, starting near $325. As one alternative, Kohler offers an aquapiston that claims only 1.28 GPF for $265 in a single piece design.

The measurement from the bolt cap to the wall, known as rough-in distance will dictate what dimension toilet will fit. Some are nearer to the wall at 10 inches, but 12 or 14 inch are more common.

Reducing the New Toilet Expenditure

  • Some local plumbers doing volume business get a substanial discount on plumbing fixtures including toilets. During the quotation it is normally worth asking about along with any markup they may pass along.

  • When considering new flooring, such as tile, if the toilet unit should be pulled anyway, this often presents an opportunity for a less labor intensive floor job rather than the added expense for a seperate pulling at some future point.

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