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Replacing Toilet Fill Valve With Success

Several points will increase the chances of success with replacing the fill valve, inside the toilet tank, along with receiving better service from it. Speaking of valves put out by companies like Fluidmaster and Hydroright. Although you certainly can go with valves made by the toilet manufacturers themselves, such as American Standard or Kohler and these might have to be ordered.

Whatever the companies put forth, be it "universal" or other -- certain models of valves do not entirely fit certain toilets. This may have to do somewhat with tank design and configuration but a main point of incompatibility is the shape and contour of the rubber gasket that forms the lower seal on the tank. And new rubber washers should always be put on wherever possible, this holds in the water.

Toto - the adaptable valves will not fit Toto tanks. So if you have one, the new valve will also have to be Toto, or possibly Korky. This might not be available at your local plumbing supply house.

Certain valves have an anti-siphon function integrated, to help accommodate changes in line pressure, in compliance with plumbing codes. However not all valves are so equipped, so it is best to look for this.

Internal Tank Heights
Consider your tank height. First, measure the inner tank before securing the replacement valve. Wholly adjustable valves operate within a range, such as 9" to 14" high. If you are putting in a replacement float ball it will be a fixed internal height, occupying much of the width.

Under certain circumstances, some overflow fill valves could have to be cut, reduced in height in order for the unit to operate properly.

Wrapping threads with plumbers tape helps keep out the leaks which is easy to do.

So there is no running toilet, or even an overflow where a shutoff fails - the valve must be a dependable one. Warranties seen at 5 years could be a consolation if it comes to this. In any event, swapping this key component should not be done on the cheap.

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