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How Much Garbage Disposal Repairs Cost

Depending on the kind of problem that the garbage disposal exhibits, owners might be in a conundrum of whether to repair the unit. There could be noises, dripping or leaks or the disposal just won't start. Getting a handle on the cost to fix the disposal will mean knowing specifically, the source of the cause. For example; does water emit above the upper body of the disposal or below, from a pipe, etc.

Various Disposal Fixes & Pricing

All else equal, upper priced disposals are more worth salvaging. Then there is the downtime from having it out of commission, as this applies. All factoring in the cost equation.

But many repairs can fall within a one hour service call by a plumber, plus a minimal amount in supplies - for instance if the disposal is jammed from an object, the electrical connection is loose, or there happens a leaky connection to the drain pipe. In which case an amount of $65 to $90 covers the fix. Among the more optimistic of cases, however.

If it is leaky from the sink connection, the clamp retaining nuts might merely need tightening, such as for the case of a recent install. But if the disposal needs disconnecting entirely from the sink basin, possibly to re-putty, prices tend to rise quick and with the unit already off, then there arises the question of whether to re-attach same or whether to replace with another.

Labor to fix, at $120 to $150 can sometimes exceed the labor portion of an initial swap. Particularly for somewhat hidden issues like when the disposal acts intermittantly.

Pressing the restart button sometimes is enough (assuming there are no noises/hums or odors) in and of itself, though there may be causes for a current tripping as well.

Garbage Disposal Repair Tips

  • Never drop undesired foodstuff down the mouth of the disposal that may hinder its operation, including pieces of eggshells.

  • For ceratin model disposals, some simple solutions are available - like for clearing jammed debris - turning an allen wrench or other supplied factory tool thru a service slot on the underside (with power off).

  • For disposals sold with a warranty - mark your calendar for the warranty expiration date along with other products in the home. Inspect just prior to its expiration for a possible replacement.

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