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Cost of Garbage Disposals and Their Installation

Hidden out of view under the sink, the garbage disposal fulfills a tall order. One that is easy to take for granted but that is constantly relied upon, quite noticeable when it stops running. A total cost of installation for a new disposal will depend on the involvement of the tasks associated with securing the unit to the upper sink strainer body and lower drainpipe, as well as setting the electrical switch.

Alternative Garbage Disposal Prices

Garbage disposals are typically offered in three motor sizes: 1/3 h.p. and 1/2 h.p. and also 3/4 h.p. along with the single h.p. model. Prices begin, for example, for a 1/3 h.p Badger 1, at $75. Those having stronger motors may run more silent assuming sound deadening insulation. But prices do fill out a wider spectrum with some of the highest grade models, like the KitchenAid 1 h.p retailing at $430.

As a rule, the following characteristics comprise much of the existing pricing: whether the unit is of a batch or continuous feed design, the degree of sound reduction and motor size (and if there is a "staged motor"), the type of metal used on the shredders (and if they are stainless) & finally the length and term of the warranty.

Disposal Installs by Plumbers - costs for the install range from $72 to over $157 and take roughly 1.5 to 2.0 hours to do. With differences based mainly on plumbers hourly billable rates. If there needs to be changes to the lower strainer connection, it will be slightly more. Frequently the PVC drain assembly will need a new adjustment that enables a proper distance and angle connection in combination with the disposer drainpipe -- if there was a prior disposal. If there was no disposal, a new modification will have to be set to the waste line.

If an electrical switch is not already present, one will have to be installed and this probably by a licensed electrician. The cost of an outlet addition will be based on the proximity of current wiring, but this is near $55 to $80 under a best case scenario (i.e; wiring already run where needed, performed at a reasonsable rate) and amounts rise substantially from there. That is, clear to running electric all the way to the electrical panel.

Doing Yourself Garbage Disposals - will take about two hours and then some, depending on abilities and the working confines. Aside from pruchasing the disposal, common supplies needed will be lower drain pieces, like a PVC elbow and couplings (roughly $7 to $18) and possibly a dishwasher connector ($4 with hose clamps) besides putty for resetting the above strainer. Strainer wrenches near $11 like the MP Sink Strainer Wrench greatly simplify the task of lock nut removal & snugging where some installers actually go off roughshod with a hammer and screwdriver.

The Garbage Disposal Bill

  • Make sure you are paying for a disposal that is compatible with a septic, if one is to be connected.

  • Considering a new disposer baffle/splash guard, flange and stopper at the time of install is most economical rather than doing as a seperate project in the future. Some of which are brand specific and priced accordingly. Many run $30 to $80 based on finish and dimensions

  • Question any propective plumbers' available discount on parts and whether the proposed estimate contains a markup.

  • Since disposals are traditionally heavy wear items, know what makes up any warranty period(s) beforehand in terms of both labor for a replacement install and reimbursement for the disposal unit.

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