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How to Paint a Master Bedroom

The storage, bath areas, and dimensions of the master bedroom all render it unique among the other rooms of the home. If you've not already done so, please review our guide on how to paint a bedroom before continuing with the master as it elaborates in addition to this (combined with interior tools and supplies )

The master bedroom area frequently justifies a seperate accent color being applied, which should first be selected.

1) Given that most walk-in closets have a greater exposure, it will need to be emptied before painting. If the shelving and storage appointments are to be changed out, this will mean additional preparation in the way of patching and sanding before the painting. Any loose shelves may need wall anchors installed.

2) If a master bath is to be painted - the dry time before use will likely reach into the next day. But this depends also on how many coats. Therefore this should be planned for with the user.

3) Remove and replace any cracking, or otherwise deficient caulking around the perimter of the tub, jacuzzi, or shower as well as the counter-to-wall seam. After running the new bead of caulk, it normally takes a (1) day minimum before painting, and possibly more for curing if the caulk itself is to be masked off for the wall painting.
4) Progress with the patching, then the ceiling painting if it is to occur, then the wall painting. Using a narrow roller in the bath will save on time and also on the area that must be trimmed in with paint, especially behind the confined toilet space.

5) Attached panel mirrors like those above sink counters, should normally be masked with blue tape, being sure to tuck the tape to the hindside of the mirror as you go to prevent any misplaced paint.

Note: On final cleanup, discard any plastic having any paint drips as these can transfer on to differnet places. Having the bed covered in plastic helps prevent drywall dust on the sheets, for rooms requiring more intensive patching efforts.

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