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Home Remodeling Ideas & Planning

A number of challenges can be posed by a home remodel. Whether it is for the kitchen or bathroom or a complete two story remodel project.

To the exclusion of the simple and straightforward remodel project, made of a one or a couple trades that brings a facelift to your home, you will probably want to consult and get the advice of several remodelers. See what each would recommend for your particular project before starting out. And this is critical when it comes to planning, since everything has a tendency to echo from the initial stage onward.

Some aspects and ideas to consider:

When contracting the work out yourself : be aware of each contractors’ intentions. Follow your plan for execution by creating a timeline. Be prepared for certain trades like plumbing to play a potentially major role for kitchens and bath remodeling. Typically the cost of plumbing does represent a major portion of the remodel project and therefore, it has an influence in determining in itself what can or can’t be done based on the current routing of pipes, their condition and other factors. Which all makes plumbing a logical place to start.

Project Scheduling and Tracking Progress : be prepared to schedule and track the progress of each trade. And make sure that all possible lapses are not overlooked that are more likely to occur when contracting the work out for yourself. Examples like onsite sanitation, refuse removal, and provisions for temporary driveways when the situation calls for it.

Smaller or Partial Remodels : contractors and experts who have varied skills can make all the difference, as well as for on total remodels. They can get the homeowner out of a predicament. Also, while the remodeler may offer design, cost, scheduling, payment and other advantages - the specialized trades and businesses might offer skill-intensive advantages over the general practitioner and know how in the latest methods and products that are out there. Though not necessarily as the reverse can also hold to be true.
Larger Projects : the effective scheduling of trades will require increased knowledge of the remodeling process itself, and how they are interdependent, along with the conditions that are necessary for performing each so the project can show a synergistic progress throughout. Don't forget to add time slots for any inspections and sign-offs, inclimate weather on exterior projects, and allowable percentages for delays and setbacks and get a jump on the schedule wherever possible. Possible areas might include early-on site grade, foundation pours, rough-in trades or from any work that precedes others who may adjust accordingly. Also, scheduling time lines by making flexible compromises can go a long ways further ahead.

Hiring out to separate trades instead, as opposed to a turn-key remodeling operation will require some knowledge and awareness of the remodeling process along with sequencing of trades that comprise the process. If you are skilled in the types of work being done, such as with painting, drywall, even tile setting or the gamut of others, more power to you, and your pocketbook.

This might even give you extra added oversight, which will be required starting from the plan stage onward, with your presence. You could be right there to see everything. The experiences learned-in-the-field are invaluable to the do-it-yourselfer. Though this could depend on just how occasional is your project.

You may want to check on each contractor's warranty (possibly beyond state law requirements) along with any licensing, bonding and insurance requirements, that a permit is secured if needed and that any code requirements are followed.

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