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Kitchen Cabinets and the Custom Cabinet

For those wanting a custom look and feel within their kitchen there is only one way to get it. The tradeoff between custom and modular cabinets, being mainly made of cost for time of the custom build.

Caution: there is too the so-called 'custom quality' offered by some, which in most cases is no more than a play on terminology.


Cabinets that are custom are generally touted to be of high-end, with identifying features like dovetail joints on drawer boxes, their tracks hidden out of sight, and having detailed panels and actual casework.


The finishing process on the cabinet is usually done by hand, with craftspeople hand wiping, rubbing and sanding between finishing coats to achieve anything from stain finishes to antiquing and distressed effects.


One ability of the true custom cabinet maker is book matching and this is the ability to truely matching where the grain patterns which are carried over from one panel to the next, this appearing to have 'grown that way'. But this is a feat rarely done in practice, perhaps being prevented by the quote. Or due to the fact that future matching can never be accomplished.

Those homeowners with unusual door sizes or dimension requirements, or those in charge of projects where cost isn't such a deciding factor, or the project in not under the same pressure to get the job time under time constraints, may find the custom option appealing.

If nothing less, investigating this alternative further can help serve to educate the owner of the remodeled kitchen on how well the cabinets that are installed, are built.

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