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Granite Countertops Guide for Installation and Tips

Our information gives considerations for installing granite, its colors and practical tips for the stone as a countertop material. Emphasizing not only its appeal but giving ideas on important aspects and characteristics on the slabs that transform into central portions of living areas. Elements that influence its durability and long term appearance in relation to other materials. The granite as a counter is treated as part of its surroundings.

Get tips on the natural and reflective stone that enthralls, scintillates and creates an aura of permanence whether for a new countertop, an upgrade or a replacement.

Granite Choice & Colors:

Don't wait until the granite is ordered and ready to be put in, or is on its way to debate the choice of your stone. Optimize what you select, that will in fact stay with the rest of the home by getting a thorough look at the various species of stone and tones that are readily available.

Composite of Sample Granite Choices

How to Choose Granite Countertops
What some of the qualities are to search for among granite, what to bring with you on a search to dealers and natural variations to be expected.

Choice of Granite Countertop Colors About the main shades, touching on formality and overall color composition.

Tips on Granite Fabrication Dealers that do fabrication can possibly influence your granite purchase. Looks at counter contours, completion dates and selections.

Focusing on the Install:

Several upfront considerations before the stone is set, including what this customarily entails along with the professional advantage and the issue of seams and their placement.

Straightforward advice on the setting of square tiles including patterning, grout lines, edging and the planar surface.

Cost of GraniteThe make or break factor for many debating the stone is the concern over granite costs which is understandable when one is faced with such a project. Pricing isn't always laid out so clear, in reference to what is built-in, and what are priced-out options. Review our ideas as part of a more detailed investigation about granite slabs, their installation & costs, and decide for yourself before committing.

Granite Cost Per Foot
Views the prices of the closest products on the market, such as slate, simulated granite and solid surfaces alongside the granite alternative.

How Much Do Granite Countertops Cost
Attempts to debunk certain discount stone dealer ads. Gives a major source of the cost component, unsuspected my many.

Cost of Kitchen Granite Countertops
About associated add-ons with new counter, the kitchen size and configuration. All affecting price.

Granite Countertops Cost
Offers a breakdown for DIY'ers who either have slabs - presenting sample labor rates (hourly/flat fees) - or who are thinking about setting the squares themselves, listing supply figures such as for thinset, grout and more.

Factors that make granite the option it is for the kitchen, such as hardness, abilities for color retention, surface gloss and contours.

Integrating the granite and other design elements is part of the challenge with any new counter you decide on. Ideas for kitchen granite and paint gives tips for combining the two different side by side elements when placed in the kitchen. That offers practical tips and details that can help harmonize and balance the outcome.

Although projects for the kitchen are specialized, a large portion of the counters being installed are applicable to bath areas and granite installed elsewhere. So there is much to take in about the stone and its implications. Even those in the business realize this to be an ongoing process. One of many reasons to seek out pro's.

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Costs of Granite Installs
Price factors for setting stone.

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