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Composition Granite Choices

How To Choose Granite Countertops

The choice of granite should be among the first of choices to make in the design of your wider counter area. While the granite counter should accommodate and act with a sense of synergy with other design elements, it should play a central role in the presence it occupies.

If you are aware of the color and species of granite, you are already partways there. If are you unsure about the type of granite, find an outlet offering the best selection you can. You could start by browsing websites although reproduced color through an electronic screen is often a far shot from the real thing. There are near limitless values of granite; the fleck dispersion, and patterns of formation/uniformity. Gloss & reflectivity.

Visit the dealer and view the slabs on display. Bring samples for the floor, wall color, cabinets and even the finishes of the fridge and dishwasher. This will help visualize the granite in the intended setting.

Finding the slab that matches your tastes, dimensions for your planned design and that falls within your budget, isnít always that easy. You will notice that even slabs from the same quarry can differ so be sure and have the granite slab you want identified for selection. Ask for granite samples that you can take if you are unsure. Although again, samples of the natural stone arenít exact since every piece of granite is not the same. Nevertheless, visiting the dealer will enable you to discover what is out there in terms of granite for your counter.
While at the dealer, inquire what polished surfaces they offer and get samples of this too, along with an unpolished sample. Knowing that the polished granite will reflect accordingly - appropriate lighting should be planned for this, to avoid too much glare for the right luminosity.

Ask about relative hardness and durability of the granites they carry in inventory.

The choice of edging or 'nosing' is highly visible on the countertop. It will significantly help in establishing the style of counter, and thus the kitchen or area it is placed in, besides the total cost for fabricating your chosen slabs. Enhancing or detracting from the character of the granite itself.

The granite you finally install should be one in which you have an intense interest, and one that you are prepared to live with for some time because it creates a unique presence in any room.

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