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Granite Costs

Granite Cost Per Square Foot

Regarded as one of the finest natural products for home installation, granite has a cost that falls along the same lines. An examination of other countertops does reveal it is not the most expensive countertop option however. A typical range of costs can go anywhere from, on the very low end of the scale, $30.00 per foot to as much as $100 a foot and higher.

To fairly compare prices, one must compare countertops. Perhaps the most comparable product around is a type of simulated granite, or quartz with resins, that can indeed approach or meet the price of granite at around $35.00 to $80.00 per square foot, depending on color chosen. Many colors are available with these engineered counters, and they offer stain resistance advantages over other manufactured surfaces and a surface that possibly carries a permanent seal, and with maintenance and cleaning characteristics that depend on manufacturer.
Stones like slate provide beautiful countertop surfaces for the kitchen. Base prices are $50/ft. This stone counter is generously seamed, is fairly wear resistant, and does not give the flat surface of granite. Slate is not typically sought by home buyers, if resale is a concern.

Another countertop surfaces in the same price range is marble, which comes in at or near the cost of granite. Even though a great number counters have been made with marble, granite by far forms the stronger stone surface. The reason for this is that granite is less porous than marble, and therefore marble offers less resistance to staining, especially from acids. In fact, the hardness of marble has been compared to travertine. And nobody wants a surface too soft for the job.

Solid surface countertops are engineered countertops that donít approach the natural look of granite or the hardness. When scratches and demarcations occur, that arenít too severe, buffing is a proven cure. Higher end solid surfaces start at around $75 per foot and can go $175 and up. The synthesized, soft touch look of solid surfaces comes in many designer colors.

Concrete tops provide a different surface altogether. Prices hover at around $100 for the surface and installation. As a colored, or tinted surface, concrete forms an altogether different appearance. Arguably it lacks the depth of natural granite and other stones. Though it does provide a continuous top, where an integral sink is chosen. A variety of edging styles are a strongpoint.

Steel countertops, go anywhere from $100 to $200. Derived from commercial applications, they are easy to clean. They have a contemporary appeal, with some design exceptions. But are generally always more expensive than granite. Repair is another issue with stainless, and there are few if any options.

Additional choices are laminate at $20 to $50/ft, wood tops at $50/ft and going from there, and ceramic tile at about $10 foot. Laminate is known as a cost saver, offering little in the way of aesthetics while ceramic tiles offer savings as well. While wood tops provide a beautiful natural surface that gives minimal protection from cuts, exposure to heat and staining.

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