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Cost of Kitchen Granite Countertops

When all is said and done, the cost per foot of granite culminates with a number of other granite counter costs and which amount to a grand total.

Prices for kitchen granite rely on custom requests, practices and procedures of the installation firm, the source of the slab and inventories, and the region of the country your kitchen calls home, to name a few.

Related costs are for demolition, removing the existing countertop and its disposal and, setting the new subsurface that will all become part of the total install cost items with some commonly overlooked.

New fixtures, like a granite sink that will help put the finishing touch on your kitchen work area & counter space are $300 plus. Unless it is a ‘partial granite’ sink to be had for $250 or less.

For corner mount sinks - the square footage of granite needed to arrive at this irregular shape. This spans a larger area than the finished corner given the inner knock-off. The corner mount angle means paying for granite required to form the configuration(with the footage of granite depending on the number of seams as well) Same concept for any custom radius. Custom inlays are always additional unless included in the quote.

Many basic, straightforward counter projects cost in the range of $3,000 to $5,000 for smaller to mid-sized kitchens, for the economical-minded. Budget constraints usually tend to translate back to the choice of slab; the eased edge, and perhaps even compromising the placement of seams to acquire reduced slab dimensions in the inventory.
Kitchens harboring larger work configurations and those with granite islands easily go into the $6,000 to $9,000 range with little effort. That is, based on a realistic square foot price and yet not making too much of a spectacle.

The island area can require additional support/reinforcement depending on the amount of overhang – aware of the fact that many species of granite inherently contain minute pits and imperfections, that should not be to be stressed. So precautions should be taken, reinforcements added.

Possible extras to the bill should be worked out fully prior to the install, reducing the likelihood of any surprises.

These are only some of the factors involved in the cost of granite counter. Although each kitchen has a set of considerations and design elements unto itself.

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