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Installing Granite Countertops

To be ready for the granite installation, you will have gone through choosing granite with the choice of granite color and style integrated with the cabinets and surroundings. Making sure this is a stone you can live with prior to ordering the fabricating of your stone.

Before measuring out the surfaces to be fabricated, your cabinets will already need to be set in place. A template is then made for your chosen slabs. This configures the granite to the cabinets and walls. An important step since fabricated granite has little tolerance.

If you are figuring on installing the granite yourself there are some possibilities to consider. Ones that normally lead to finding a professional installer - due to the skill levels, and special requirements of installation, not the least of which are safety concerns, and fitting the granite. Surely enough, many first time installers begin and then find it too much for them. Not only that, but not a great percentage of pro installers want to pick up on a job of someone else’s fabrication, or an install from a novice.

If the cabinets are being re-used with the new counters, all fixtures will need to be removed that would interfere with the installation such as countertop ranges, built in devices and sinks, along with the removal of the existing countertop surfaces. If the installer is inclined to price adjust these, some kitchen owners choose to have them removed prior to setting the granite. Also, all fixtures that are to be set following the granite, like undermount sinks, should be accessible. The wall and base cabinets should be mounted with the kitchen paint already applied, prior to hanging – though setting the counters often requires touching up.

With the old countertop removed, plywood at the minimum is normally mounted at the top of the base cabinets. This bolsters support over the long term. Cement board for an underlayment may then fastened on this, onto which the granite is fitted. The plywood may need to be leveled, to form a sheer surface across the countertop.

Discuss seams before the install:

The seams get butted together and sealed. Then left to dry, and colored filled to match. Yet it is critical to conceal the joints, by planning their position, with the light in the kitchen, together with what is practical with your slab cuts.

After the counters are set, the backsplash around the wall perimeter is mounted. The granite may then be sealed and polished depending upon the stone.

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