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Granite Costs

Cost of Granite Countertops - The Price Concern

The biggest reason why most buyers hesitate on choosing granite for their counters is its cost, the bottom line. And it's that simple.

There are several ways of looking at price as it applies to the slab being fabricated for installing in the home application. Here are few ways of looking at the pricing:

Granite cost per foot basis. With so much unreliable misinformation being publicized, in particular, square foot amounts that are only intended to lure in the buyer to the showroom - many of these costs, though not all, are nothing more than teaser rates. But as a surprise to many, granite isn't the most expensive option of counter. There is also steel, and some rather opulent, solid surface materials.

How much do granite countertops cost ? The square foot price is only one consideration, there are other factors. Edging styles add considerably to the cost of most any granite counter. Cut-outs are another item. There can be indirect costs as well.

Costs of Granite Counters for Kitchen Setting granite in the kitchen carries with it, its own constraints and rewards. Each particular install has its own cost variables, such as fixtures and for demolition for starters.

Granite Costs and Countertops For hourly and materials examples and cleanup as part of the install process. Included are some alternatives.

Altogether, pricing is a potentially worrisome issue for stone countertops. You should fully investigate your options including this and many other sources. Visit as many granite dealers as you are able. View their selections, and fully check them out.

Granite counters can indeed be costly. But if you ask others who have taken the plunge of buying, you will find that most are happy with their purchase decision.

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