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Granite Countertops and Granite Fabrication Tips

The ability to fabricate is an advantage when it comes to granite counters and stone counters. The single factor of fabrication alone helps determine sheen, overall shape and edging, and the completed quality of installation.

Outfits that fabricate in-house are aware of your install, from the perspective of the fabricator making your counter. Often since they handle the whole process, turnaround times are held more efficient. And potentially, when there is no outside fabricator to wait on, any trades that you have planned around the countertop, like plumbers, get in and get out with not as much wait time. Removing setbacks and making the counter install go smoother and this is a major plus for fabricating in-house.

Consider visiting showrooms of fabricators that display over broad areas of application, samples of the stones they carry.
Some of the more equipped dealers and fabricators do offer virtual showrooms; these are showrooms that present how your counter will appear in combination with cabinets and other products and finishes right in front of you. The fabricator enters your choices and presents the virtual preview to optimize the design of the counter as you might best like it. Letting you sample a variety of granites and combinations.

Edging: Style of edging makes an enormous difference when it comes to the look of your counters amid the decor of your kitchen. Fabricating the edge contributes too, a large bulk of the cost of your counter. As can choice of wall or backsplash; whether there is a full, counter-to-cabinet wall splash, or a basic step splash.

Electrical and other cut outs done by fabricators for the counter-to-cabinet wallsplash, maintain a continuous surface. Any advice on continuity you might evaluate. Given that the outlets will be 'set in stone'.

Steering away from the abilities of fabricators altogether, as an alternative, granite can be bought and installed in tile sections as opposed to thick slabs - with nosing/edges installed in many individual pieces. But even this might be done by a qualified installer, since an incorrect installation for the whole counter is to be avoided clearly. Since the situation of an uneven install is indeed expensive to have cut-corrected, if it can be done, assuming it is set on level. (the re-cut amounts to mounting a diamond blade saw on an aligned set of tracks - which is both labor intensive and costly). Sort of a post install, fabrication.

In the end, he ability to fabricate granite and other stones is typically seen as an advantage. Due to the cost of the equipment, however, it is usually done by volume dealers or by dealers with multiple locations.


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