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Kitchen Granite Countertops

The presence of the granite counter top in the kitchen continues to be a permanent fixture in the today's home.

There are many reasons for its increase in popularity, which are traceable to its advantages. First, since granite is a natural product, stone, it has the ability to adapt with many decors, like in the bath, appearing or without other stones, bar counter tops, and many counter surfaces that could benefit from its inherent qualities. Granite exudes an exquisite beauty, and is elegant among many styles and designs.
The hardness of granite poses another big advantage. Mainly composed of quartz, granite offers excellent wearability and a high resistance to heat, scratching, discoloration and many types of stains. For all practical purposes, its usually stays the same over time, unlike other materials.

Too, granite is surprisingly customizable, hard as it is. The contour of the inner and outer radius, arcs, free form designs and special accents can all be formed continuously on the slab which is not an option on laminates, stainless steel or tiles. The edging alone forms a prominent aspect.

Another plus of granite is found in its uniqueness of selection. The collections of varieties are vast and impressive. Though many synthesized surfaces attempt to mimic; the depth and reflectivity alone really only tend to emit from the real thing convincingly.

Notes on gloss:

Granite counters are typically believed to have a sheen of high gloss. Though the room lighting does play a role (both natural and artificial light) keep in mind that the sheen can be less than high, since the surface can be honed (unpolished) and textured, if your dealer has these capabilities. Though not all installer, suppliers and fabricators offer this as an option.

As a rule, granite companies deal in many stones like marble, travertine and slate which is also placed for counter tops. Be sure to consult with your professional on the advantages and properties of each of these as they relate to your particular kitchen application. And as always get more than one opinion.


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