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Granite Costs

How Much Do Granite Countertops Cost ?

The amounts spent on granite for kitchen countertops vary enormously. At the same time, is true that many dealers obtain their granite slabs from the same major distributors.

But the price at the dealer is based on quantity, and the costs it takes to get to them, and the different costs the dealers have themselves. Which is why many of the same slabs are offered at vast price swings. These, along with other add ons quickly combine to form the $4,500 on up you can easily pay for a 60 ft of counter space.

Discounters and liquidators advertise costs almost to good to be true, approaching $30.00 ft. But donít be surprised if this price applies to remnants, slabs in very limited quantities or dimensions, or for choices that are falling out of favor. This price will also likely exclude edging, a component of the total bill that should not be overlooked. Typical costs for edging run from $25.00 to $30.00 per lineal foot depending on style, with the low end of the scale representing a simple eased edge. Elaborate edgings like the Ogee or a Stepped Bullnose incur extra fees. A partial exception to this is the counter with no backsplash having an eased edge, which is typically the least expensive. Or where there is a wallsplash that has no upper edging.
Some of the more everyday species of stone from the United States can be had at the lower end of the scale. Those at a premium are found in geographic locations that are distant, slabs that incur higher distribution costs, or are coming from mines in jeopardy of being shut down. Though a granite with uncommon beauty drives demand.

A given number of cutouts are normally allotted per granite quote. Standard cutouts like for the sink, and faucet holes, are accounted for when getting prices as are the range top and/or bar sink. If a granite/undermount sink is to be installed, the installer will reinforce the fixture from underneath. Following existing placements or per request - cuts for electrical outlets may or may not be itemized as an extra.

It's always a good idea to buy from the same granite dealer that lets you see the granite prior to taking the down payment with the order, as the one who performs the fabrication, and the install. All handled by the same party. It generally pays to deal with a reputable dealer with little or no complaints and years of experience installing countertops.

Any future or indirect costs of the granite include sealing, if the stone is of a type that requires sealing - which many homeowners do themselves to save on costs. If you embark on this be sure that the sealer is specified for use with granite and do the sealing per manufacturers instructions. Deviating from this can cause unwanted consequences like residue left on the surface.

All in all, checking for a guarantee on the installed counter, could potentially bear most on what you end up paying for the counter.

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