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Kitchen Cabinets and Remodeling the Kitchen

A change of kitchen cabinets is one the most common remodeling projects in the home and one that can affect both the value and your enjoyment of your kitchen area. The’ furniture in the kitchen’, the cabinetry, is therefore an important decision and one worth giving some consideration.

The styles are revealed mainly by the formation of the door panels. The doors of the base or wall cabinets can be flat/slab style for a contemporary feel, in square patterns, or a raised arch. These are the main general styles.

The hardware, comprised of knobs and pulls is a detail not to be overlooked. Constantly handled, they form a lasting impression both by way of sense of touch, and by the way they come to highlight the cabinets themselves. The permanent hardware of door hinges and slide tracks are the moving parts of your cabinets. Quality hinges hold the doors square, and without need for constant manual adjustment. They are also less prone to breakage from handling and wear.

Slide tracks for the drawers are either visible or hidden (below drawers). Some operate with a true glide, operating on bearings. This feature is generally built into the total price.

Choices of finish include stainless steel surfaces (which are often mated with glass appliances) and natural wood species, engineered wood surfaces and the laminates to which we have all now grown accustomed. Each have their advantages and disadvantages, although when it comes down to economy and cleanup the laminates are generally the standout among modular lines of cabinetry. The white finish is compatible with many other whites and it reveals the cleanliness of the surface, which are easy to clean up. But keep in mind laminates are just that, an added layer. Different manufacturers offer different grades and processes of laminating that can reveal their true durability over time - the door panel edges normally are first to begin separation, if at all. These areas are subject to hand grabbing & excess wear from constant use. Applying an adhesive might solve this when it occurs.

The availability of future finish-matches may be a concern – some manufacturers offer replacement doors, drawers and parts more consistently and reliably than other manufacturers.

Prior to install, the layout and configuration is important in order to maximize usable space. Kitchen designers relying on software programs are for most purposes efficient and help to ensure an efficient layout. Especially for areas of difficult configurations to work, such as for an untypical inner or outer corners.

If fridge lines are being rerouted, know if a copper line or mere plastic tubing will be the replacement. No one wants pinhole-spray behind areas that are concealed or inaccessible, as well causing discovery to be at a later point. Also, be assured that all wall cavities within cabinets are sealed on completion wherever any openings have been breached.
Further details : Consider moulding availability for pieces like:
  • Over-the-sink valences

  • Optional storage accessories

  • Slide out drawer for refuse (separate recycle bin?)

  • Added pantry racks for food storage

  • Filler slats for closing unwanted voids between cabinet and wall surfaces

  • Kick-plates for protection at the lower base cabinet (for the more forward toes in the kitchen).

  • Matching appliance panels like for fridge and dishwasher; assuming the appliances will take panels. Noting that some manufacturers offer no more than a slide-in wafer to cover the face of the fridge, that must be finished to match existing, if one prefers this. Which points to the idea that appliances should be coordinated with the rest of the kitchen.

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