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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

From specialty trades and do-it-yourself tasks to complete remodeling of the kitchen, there are countless variations of projects. Options from cabinets and countertops, painting, flooring and drywall, are within the scope of many kitchen remodels. For total do-overs the whole remodel generally applies and is treated as it own project to be managed.

Cabinets for Kitchen Without dispute, cabinets form the foundation of any kitchen. The layout should be designed with access and workflow in mind. Dealing with cabinets is central to a successful kitchen project and this includes hardware and styles to match your tastes.
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Kitchen Counters The countertops serve both an aesthetic and a physical function. Set on level, the counter gives a strong impression, from laminate to granite. They are so prominent it's hard to not to notice them.

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Complete Kitchen Remodels Any talk of kitchen work would be incomplete without the whole remodel project. While many kitchens entail cosmetic changes, the whole remodel might translate to structural changes, bordering room alterations and major appliances like a new stove, fridge and rangetop, putting in new cabinets and applying a coat of paint, with installed flooring.
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Drywall Patch, Repair & Install Before the painting and preferable before any new cabinets are hung, drywall is installed and any existing wall textures are patched and prepped to be painted.

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Painting Tips and Ideas Either for maintenance or a new kitchen facelift, how the painting is executed carries a major say over the finished remodel. Find ideas on selecting colors, finishes or having the paint put on the walls.

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Flooring The surface you always feel - the kitchen floor. About trim and mouldings, underlying substrates and floor heights. Grouts, sealers and the concept of having spares.

installing flooring | setting tile factors

Kitchen Countertops and Remodeling combines the projects with a goal of a single integration.

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